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How to pronounce the names of Pennonia fountain pen inks? 💬🤔❓

Hey everyone! 😀 I know that pronouncing the Hungarian 🇭🇺 names for the Pennonia products can be hard so here are recordings for each Pennonia ink. I hope it will be helpful!

Pennonia Inks

Handmade Fountain Pen Ink – Kézműves Töltőtolltinta

Dracula – Drăculea – PKK-001 (Romanian 🇷🇴)

Ghoul – Strigoi – PKK-002 (Romanian 🇷🇴)

Lilac – Orgona – PEN-001

Balaton Blue – Balaton-kék – PEN-002

Bubblegum – Rági – PEN-003

Danube – Danuvius – PEN-004

Lichen – Zuzmó – PEN-005

Abigail – Abigél – PEN-006

Blue of Blues – Kékek Kékje – PEN-007

Patina – Patina – PEN-008

Dandelion – Gyermekláncfű – PEN-009

Velvet Champagne – Selyempezsgő – PEN-010

Black Eagle – Fekete Sas – PEN-013

Apple Green – Almazöld – PEN-012

Nettle – Csillánt – PEN-013

Wasp – Dungó – PEN-014

Whoopie Blue – Hupikék – PEN-015

Embroidery Blue – Kékfestő – PEN-016

Purple Shadow – Lila Árnyék – PEN-017

Sour Cherry – Meggyes – PEN-018

Poison Green – Méregzöld – PEN-019

Devil Red – Ördögi Vörös – PEN-020

Fox Friend – Róka Koma – PEN-021

Purple of Tihany – Tihanyi Lila – PEN-022

Turkish Blue – Törökkék – PEN-023

Cotton Candy – Vattacukor – PEN-024

Storm Cloud – Viharfelhő – PEN-025

Blue Light – Kékfény – PEN-026

Young Wine – Mustvörös – PEN-027

Chestnut Brown – Gesztenyebarna – PEN-028

Copper – Rézvörös – PEN-029

Greenfinch – Zöldike – PEN-030

Hanover Green – Hannoveri Zöld – PEN-031

Csontváry’s Blue – Csontváry-kék – PEN-032

Twilight – Alkonyat – PEN-033

Dawn – Hajnal – PEN-034

Sunrise – Napkelte – PEN-035

Sunset – Napnyugta – PEN-036

Kalotaszeg Red – Kalotaszegi Vörös – PEN-037

Fairy Tale – Meseszép – PEN-039

Boreal Forest – Fenyves – PEN-040
Treehouse – Faházikó – PEN-041
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Introducing: Pennonia Ink-Lab 🧪🔬

The Ink-Lab will be a new section on the website which is going to feature colors from the Pennonia color mixing lab.

I am always constantly experimenting with new dyes, mixes, shades, effects etc. and the result of these experiments are sometimes too good to be disposed of. Instead of throwing out liters of perfectly good ink they will be offered in the ink lab for a limited time (i.e. basically until I need the space or the containers for something else) and/or until stocks last.

These are all small production runs, most of them have about 15-30 bottles available and only on rare occasions there will be more than that.

The quality of the inks themselves is the same as what you would get if I were to release them officially.

The inks will not have any names but instead will only be identified by their internal recipe code. The first colors are available now. Depending on popularity these inks might go into full production.

The Ink-Lab will be updated at the beginning of each month (if any new colors were created in the previous month).

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🔔 LAMY available at Pennonia

Great news! LAMY fountain pens and inks are available at Pennonia!!!

LAMY is one of the biggest makers of fountain pens in the world. Their iconic models from the Safari to the 2000 are known throughout the world for their high quality, excellent writing performance and magnificent attention to detail.

You check out the pens, inks and notebooks in the categories or by following the links. 😀

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KWZ Inks are available at Pennonia!

I’m happy to announce that starting from today KWZ Inks are available at Pennonia! 😀 The plan was to meet Konrad and Agnieszka at the 2020 Poland Pen Show but the pandemic turned everything upside down. Nonetheless it didn’t stop us from starting a business relationship.

As a fountain pen enthusiast KWZ inks have been in my personal collection for a long time now. Having them available on the website is a great step towards growing Pennonia, making shopping more appealing but it also gives me personal satisfaction to know that I can carry such cool inks and support KWZ at it. It has always been my philosophy to only carry and/or stock up on something that I personally would stand behind, recommend and use myself.

I’m not going to mince any more words because I don’t like useless filler text so let’s end this post with some personal recommendations from their line-up. You can check out the inks that are in stock here or by navigating to them from the menu.

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Pennonia Inks – 15 new colors!

Hey everyone! I’ve been super busy working on the in-house inks and they finally came to fruition! 😀 It took a little bit more than half a year to get here and truth be told progress was slow…tooo slow. I feel like the bulk of the research that needed to be done is past me and I am confident that the inks high quality and safe to use even in the most expensive pens.

The Inks and the Colors

Currently there are 15 new colors available but I do plan to introduce more as my time permits.

The Bottles

As you can see from the cover photo as well, not only the colors are new. While the old bottles were beautiful I needed to switch because the post kept breaking +50% of the fancy bottles each time. Needless to say that’s unfair for both me and the glass maker to bear the cost of so I now source these bottles locally from Budapest. I opted for amber bottles both because they were visually more appealing than the clear versions but also because it protects the ink from light.

Next up the labels. The design completely changed. For once, the old logo got replaced with the new Hungarian runes version. “Handmade” got onto it as well since these are 100% made by me in my small home lab and as you can see the color of the ink is now drawn directly onto it and not printed on. It was hard to match the color of the ink on the label previously to what was in the bottle plus that was plastic, this is paper which can be completely washed away. The adhesive that holds it onto the bottle is also water soluble because it’s….wait for it…milk! Yeah you have read that right, I use milk to stick labels onto the bottles. It turns out it’s a popular adhesive in the homebrew beer scene for sticking labels on bottles.

This means that the bottles can be completely and easily cleaned and reused once the ink runs out. I’m even seriously considering offering a free bottle of ink in anyone’s next order for every ten they send back. Although this probably wouldn’t be worth it considering shipping costs but hey, if we ever meet at a pen show I’ll definitely trade in old bottles. I mean why waste when you can recycle?


Finally one more thing. I now have boxes for the inks. Previously I haven’t thought about it and by the time I realized that I needed boxes for safer shipping I have already decided to switch bottles so it wasn’t worth paying for the custom tools required to cut out the boxes.

Why go with Pennonia inks?

I did a lot of testing with these inks and I feel they came out great, they are safe to use in fountain pens and I’m constantly trying to improve the formula and the preparation method to produce high quality inks! I also think some of the colors are unique but I do understand they might not satisfy the needs of all inkaholics who have moved past “standard” colors. They perform well, have decent water resistance too. I wouldn’t call them dry inks and I’m always open to feedback on how to improve them! So if you do get to try them and have any thoughts about them, let me know via e-mail or through Instagram!

Being a new player in the field I know the brand has to build up trust in the eyes of my intended audience. I was lucky enough to catch the eyes of the famous Nick Stewart who created swatch tests of the inks.

I will also attend the Pen Show Poland 2020 in Katowice this year so you can come up to table 19 and have a chat with me, try out the inks and see for yourself how they behave.

I was also lucky to catch the eye of @ink.o.holic and @by_stalowka who will soon receive samples of the inks so be sure to follow them! They will also be at the Pen Show Poland!

Pennonia inks are also available from Művészek Boltja in Budapest!

That’s not all! A world first is the ability to combine any ink color with any shimmer color out of our line up!


Thank you for sticking all the way to the end of this long post! I hope you get the chance to try out the inks and if you have any questions or feedback about them, don’t hesitate to let me know!

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Inktober and INK SALE until October 7th at 23:59 (UTC+1)

In honor of Inktober we are having a one week sale on most of our inks! 😀 Just on to our homepage where you can see all of the current deals or feel free to browse the categories.

If you don’t know what Inktober is then check out the official website here, or if you don’t want to click away I’ll quote it here for you! 😉

Every October, artists all over the world take on the Inktober drawing challenge by doing one ink drawing a day the entire month.I created Inktober in 2009 as a challenge to improve my inking skills and develop positive drawing habits. It has since grown into a worldwide endeavor with thousands of artists taking on the challenge every year.



This year we decided to feature ink splashes instead of drawings but we do try to choose a color that at least relates to the theme of the day! 😀

Be sure to follow us on Instagram where we’ll post every day during the Inktober Event 😀
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SALE: The new partnership sale until 16th August, 23:59 (UTC+1)

To celebrate our new partnership with DHL we decided to have a sale on select items now that we can finally take advantage of cheap international shipping. This means that inks are definitely on sale baby! 😀

The sale of course also includes pens and notebooks as well so head on over to the sales page or feel free to browse our catalogue.

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DHL as shipping partner – should’ve been the first choice from day one

I’m happy to announce that as of today DHL and Pennonia partnered up to offer fast, reliable delivery of your purchases with reasonable shipping prices.

Here’s what you need to know about the changes happening at Pennonia:

  1. We are dropping DPD as a choice for international deliveries. Only exception is Hungary.
  2. We are dropping Romanian Post and Hungarian Post for international deliveries.
  3. Domestic deliveries within Romania will be handled by FAN Courier.

We are on full DHL mode and I’m sure everyone will find this move convenient and comfortable (for yourself and your wallet as well). The main advantage after the lower cost is that deliveries will now be faster and can also be tracked more reliably and easily.

Please consult the FAQ here for shipping zones and rates.

I didn’t want to turn this post into a long one but I rarely get a chance to talk about starting up the business, plus I rarely have the time to post on the blog anyway, so things build up. If you’re not interested in my jibber-jabber and only came for the news part, then this is a great place to stop reading and starting to put that sweet pen/ink combo you were eyeing into the cart! 😛

Continue reading DHL as shipping partner – should’ve been the first choice from day one
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How to mix shimmer powders with inks

Hi guys! 😀

Ever wondered, how to make custom shimmer inks? Or how much shimmer should I put in an ink? Well in this blog post I’m going to do a mini tutorial-advice thingy where I’ll show you how to make your own custom shimmer inks from any ink you have at your disposal!

First thing’s first, you need some shimmer powders. It’s shameless self plugging time so click here to view the fountain pen ink shimmer powders available at Pennonia.

Now that you have shimmer powder and have chosen an ink to combine it with, you have basically two choices.

  1. Mix ink and shimmer powder in the bottle (don’t do it, NOT RECOMMENDED)
  2. Mix ink and shimmer powder in a separate container (this is the correct choice)

Okay so what you’ll need is some kind of container to put a small amount of ink into and then mix it with the shimmer powder. If you have plastic vials that’s an ideal choice, but anything will do, just don’t mix a whole bottle because once that shimmer powder is in that ink you will never get it out.

Take a tiny amount of shimmer powder and place it into the container. Use a syringe or a pipette to draw some ink and then add about 3-4 ml into the container (in my case the vial).

Put on the lid or cap and shake it properly until the powder is mixed well with the ink. Use a dip pen to check whether you like the result or not. Since you didn’t fill the container to the brim, you can still add more ink if you would like to reduce the effect of the shimmer.

Check out the gallery for some pictures of the process and the end result!

Azure Blue Shimmer - Waterman Mysterious Blue Shimmering ink
Azure Blue Shimmer – Waterman Mysterious Blue Shimmering Ink