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How to pronounce the names of Pennonia fountain pen inks? 💬🤔❓

Hey everyone! 😀 I know that pronouncing the Hungarian 🇭🇺 names for the Pennonia products can be hard so here are recordings for each Pennonia ink. I hope it will be helpful!

Pennonia Inks

Handmade Fountain Pen Ink – Kézműves Töltőtolltinta

Dracula – Drăculea – PKK-001 (Romanian 🇷🇴)

Ghoul – Strigoi – PKK-002 (Romanian 🇷🇴)

Lilac – Orgona – PEN-001

Balaton Blue – Balaton-kék – PEN-002

Bubblegum – Rági – PEN-003

Danube – Danuvius – PEN-004

Lichen – Zuzmó – PEN-005

Abigail – Abigél – PEN-006

Blue of Blues – Kékek Kékje – PEN-007

Patina – Patina – PEN-008

Dandelion – Gyermekláncfű – PEN-009

Velvet Champagne – Selyempezsgő – PEN-010

Black Eagle – Fekete Sas – PEN-013

Apple Green – Almazöld – PEN-012

Nettle – Csillánt – PEN-013

Wasp – Dungó – PEN-014

Whoopie Blue – Hupikék – PEN-015

Embroidery Blue – Kékfestő – PEN-016

Purple Shadow – Lila Árnyék – PEN-017

Sour Cherry – Meggyes – PEN-018

Poison Green – Méregzöld – PEN-019

Devil Red – Ördögi Vörös – PEN-020

Fox Friend – Róka Koma – PEN-021

Purple of Tihany – Tihanyi Lila – PEN-022

Turkish Blue – Törökkék – PEN-023

Cotton Candy – Vattacukor – PEN-024

Storm Cloud – Viharfelhő – PEN-025

Blue Light – Kékfény – PEN-026

Young Wine – Mustvörös – PEN-027

Chestnut Brown – Gesztenyebarna – PEN-028

Copper – Rézvörös – PEN-029

Greenfinch – Zöldike – PEN-030

Hanover Green – Hannoveri Zöld – PEN-031

Csontváry’s Blue – Csontváry-kék – PEN-032

Twilight – Alkonyat – PEN-033

Dawn – Hajnal – PEN-034

Sunrise – Napkelte – PEN-035

Sunset – Napnyugta – PEN-036

Kalotaszeg Red – Kalotaszegi Vörös – PEN-037

Fairy Tale – Meseszép – PEN-039

Boreal Forest – Fenyves – PEN-040
Treehouse – Faházikó – PEN-041
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Pennonia Csontváry-kék (Csontváry’s Blue)

Pennonia Csontvary-kek Ink Swatch
Pennonia Csontvary-kek Ink Swatch

Tivadar Kosztka Csontváry was famous Hungarian painter. He had an eccentric personality not understood by his contemporaries. His works were universally recognized only after his death.

Most of his works can be categorized under expressionism or post-impressionism but truly they were neither. I invite you to have a look at some of his magnificent paintings using the power of a Google search.

Csontváry used magnificent blues in his works and this ink is dedicated to him out of gratitude and respect for the awe and emotions his paintings have evoked when viewing them.

Pennonia Rézvörös (Copper)

Pennonia Rezvoros Ink Swatch
Pennonia Rezvoros Ink Swatch

Unlike the previous ink, unfortunately I think I will disappoint you as there isn’t really a backstory behind the name of this ink.

It was still hard to find a good name for it as it’s pinkish, reddish, orange ink and I have to admit, finding a good name for them is harder than actually making ink 😂

This ink is water-resistant!

Pennonia Zöldike (Greenfinch)

Pennonia Zoldike Ink Swatch
Pennonia Zoldike Ink Swatch

This name was inspired by the humble, beautiful Greenfinch which unfortunately is a threatened species in Hungary. I used to hear them sing a lot back in my childhood but unfortunately it was so long ago that I can’t remember when it was the last time!

For me personally, preserving nature and wildlife is an important issue and I try to do my own part so that my children and grandchildren will also be able to hear a Zöldike sing one day in our gardens.

Pennonia Mustvörös (Must, also known as Young Wine)

Pennonia Mustvoros ink swatch
Pennonia Mustvoros ink swatch

So technically this ink is a must-try for everyone! 😉 (sorry for the bad pun)

This ink actually got inspired from my childhood. For literally half of my current life I have lived with my grandparents and my granddad used to always make wine from the grapes he had all over the yard.

Well those wines were taken out of the ground last week after being there for over 30 years as we are completely redoing the yard. So on hand, I chose this color so I can remember the good old days (nostalgia is one hell of a drug, and you get addicted the more older you get) and also because must is really really really tasty! Even if you don’t try the ink, you must try must!

Pennonia Gesztenyebarna (Chestnut Brown)

Pennonia Gesztenyebarna Ink Swatch
Pennonia Gesztenyebarna Ink Swatch

Again…nostalgia, longing for the old days. Admitedly this brown could’ve have been called quite a lot of things. I chose chestnuts specifically for two reasons:

  1. When we were kids we used to collect chestnuts for fun when they were in season (like sacks of them) and we’d race who can throw them the furthest or make dolls out of them using match-sticks! Good fun!
  2. My sweet hometown of Nagykároly has a beautiful avenue with enormous chestnut trees which are really beautiful when they are bloom.

Pennonia Gödényzöld (Pelican Green)

Pennonia Godenyzold Ink Swatch
Pennonia Godenyzold Ink Swatch

Ooookay. I really wanted to name this ink using the synonym for “gödény” in Hungarian but I don’t know if I’m allowed. I’m a huge Pelikan fan/collector and this ink is THE ink that I will now use in my trusty green striped M1000 probably for the rest of my life! 😂

There’s really no backstory, I wanted an ink to match my M1000. 🤷‍♂️

Can I get away with calling it Pelikánzöld? Maybe, but Gödény is such a unique word and well, I am Hungarian and the language, customs etc. play a big role in choosing a name. So I’m going with Gödényzöld and as always, sorry to non-Hungarians, you must hate to pronounce all these weird words! 😅