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List of staining fountain pen inks

Last update: 2019-09-21

I decided to write this article due to a very ironic situation and because I’m salty. It just so happens that my brand new Pelikan M605 White Transparent arrived one day and I thought it’s a good idea to ink it up with Pelikan Edelstein Star Ruby. Turns out it was a bad idea because the ink stained the cap of the piston and even went between the two o-rings of the piston head as well. Sooooo yeah. AeARDrtfskldf’mgdkds’fmgds!

Anyway, now that the pen can’t be fixed manually and requires service I thought I’ll make this list so other people who have demonstrator pens will know what inks to avoid if they don’t want to ruin their pens. The good thing is that barrel stains can usually be removed with fountain pen cleaning solutions like Rohrer & Klingner Reiniger (Diamine, Platinum and some fountain shops sell their own stuff as well) or with a 5-10% Ammonia (start with less) – Water solution. The bad thing is that these stuff didn’t clean the piston on the M605.

So the plan is to maintain a list of inks by brand which stain pens. The though part is that I can only list inks that I personally used in demonstrator pens or if I find any info on the internet. This is where you come in dear reader! Please send me an e-mail or leave a comment here if an ink you used stained any part of your demonstrator pen (let me know the pen as well). Thank you very much in advance!

I would also humbly request to only send me an e-mail if you experienced staining personally. FPN and reddit is full of threads with staining issues and as I have time to read through them I will update the list.


Hope Pink (Visconti Ripple)
Red Dragon
Sapphire Blue (Wing Sung 698)
Sargasso Sea (Caliarts Ego)


Edelstein Star Ruby SE 2019 (Pelikan Souveran M605 White Transparent)


Baystate Blue
La Reine Mauve


Oku-Yama (Visconti Skeleton)

Kobe Ink

#48 Sudousuji Marchais Blue (Pelikan M605 White Transparent)

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