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The Pennonia Tintenbuch was created by us to fulfill our needs for a book where we can easily categorize our inks. With it we can have a quick glance on how the ink looks on paper and compare it to other colors from the same or different brands.

There are 100 white cards in each Tintenbuch made out of brilliant white paper. The paper weight is 180g/m2 and each card is 10 x 5.5 cm.

This paper would be different than Tomoe River Paper, Rhodia, Clairfontaine or Leuchtturm1917. Due to its thickness it doesn’t have any ghosting or bleed through and because of the texture it offers a different writing experience than your standard notebook paper. Since it’s uncoated it will draw in ink slightly more but still allows sheen to appear from normal handwriting.

Dry time is about 5 seconds with a fine nib, 7 with a medium nib and 10 with a broad nib. We believe this paper is excellent for creating ink cards, word cards, memo cards etc.

For a more detailed overview you can read our blog post about the Tintenbuch here.

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