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Shimmer powders at Pennonia! Make your own shimmering ink!

Hi everyone! 😀

I have some great news for you guys! As of today you can get shimmering powders in 18 different colors right here at Pennonia! 😀 This means that you can turn your favorite ink into a shimmering, glistening version of itself!

Most ink makers while giving you an option to choose from a huge variety of ink colors in their shimmering line up, still limit the shimmering effect to silver or gold and maybe rarely another color that matches the ink. What’s great about being able to purchase shimmering powders separately is that you are in control of what color it should be and how much shimmer powder is actually in your ink!

Okay okay, but you might wonder, how do I make shimmering ink? It’s actually quite easy to do. To make shimmer ink you just simply add a very small amount of shimmer powder into your ink bottle, stir it or shake the bottle around with the cap closed and you’re good too go! I would personally recommend that you use small 4-5 ml plastic ink sample vials to experiment with the different shimmer powder / ink combinations though because once you put it into the ink, you won’t get it out. Just remember this and think twice before committing to a whole bottle.

Fountain Pen ink shimmer powder
Well I guess we learned product photography isn’t one of my strengths! Also Bronze and Olive Green are love <3

Pro Tips

  1. Experiment by mixing shimmer powder and ink in a plastic while.
  2. Remember to shake the bottle / vials before inking up a pen. The shimmer powder settles on the bottom over time.
  3. Remember to shake your pens as well! The powder will also settle in your converter!
  4. Try using shimmering ink with inexpensive pens and/or pens that can be easily disassembled for cleaning.
  5. A little amount goes a long way! Don’t add too much powder or you might risk clogging your pen!
  6. They can be used for other types of inks as well, not just fountain pen inks.
  7. Clean your pen regularly when using shimmering inks.
  8. Don’t sneeze while working shimmer powder! 😂

Technical stuff

So let’s talk a little bit about these powders. The powder itself is made out ground up silicate minerals with metal (di)oxides added to change color/give sparkle. The various colors are achieved by including a metal oxide (rust) in the mix and then heating the mixture to different temperatures.

While technically they are made out of natural materials it’s recommended by the manufacturer to not dump it into nature. I feel like this is also obvious but don’t breath in the dust and if it gets into your eyes wash it out with plenty of water.

Particle size is between 10-60 micrometers (microns) with the exception of the “White” shimmer powder which has particle in the 200-700 micrometer range. Thus this one color can only be used with dip pens!

The Goods

Which one should I get?

Tough decision with 18 colors I admit and they all look so great! I wish I could show them to everyone in real life. The product photos don’t do them justice! I personally love how Olive Green looks like because it has a beautiful golden sparkle, same goes for bronze as well!

Silver simply looks sophisticated in my opinion and it goes well with any ink!

Final thoughts

Hopefully this first presentation was enough to garner your interest in these shimmer powders! I promise I’ll try to find the time to mix each one of these with an ink and post writing samples in the following days! Until then stay tuned or better yet I’d love someone to beat me to the punch so if you happen to purchase a few packs please send me some photos of your mixes! You can contact me at this address.

Have a nice day everyone! 😀

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