Swatch Browser

Welcome to the fountain pen ink swatch browser! We created this page to have every ink swatch in one place πŸ”Ž

We used Rhodia 80 g/m2 as our paper and a glass dip pen for writing. The reason for choosing Rhodia over Tomoe River is to have a middle ground between low quality and high quality paper.

We tried to match the colors as close to real life as possible, using a color calibrated display, however please keep in mind that what you see on your monitor might be slightly different than how the ink appears in real life.

Please note: this is a work in progress

Colorverse – Swatches

Diamine- Swatches

Ferris Wheel Press- Swatches

Graf von Faber-Castell- Swatches

J. Herbin- Swatches

Kaweco- Swatches

KWZ- Swatches

LAMY- Swatches

Noodler’s- Swatches

Parker Quink- Swatches

Pelikan 4001 & M250 – Swatches

Pelikan Edelstein – Swatches

Pennonia – Swatches

PILOT Iroshizuku – Swatches

Rohrer & Klingner – Swatches

Robert Oster – Swatches

Sailor Jentle Ink – Swatches

Tono & Lims – Swatches

Troublemaker Inks – Swatches

Waterman – Swatches