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We’re on Instagram! ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ“ธ

Our username is ๐Ÿ˜

I finally managed to make an Instagram account and successfully connect it to our Facebook page. It turns out it is not as straightforward as one might think. I’ll write down the correct steps further in the post but first I want to talk a little bit about our account.

The reason it took so long to create an Instagram account is simply because life always gets in the way of things and it takes a lot of time to do something well. I have always known that as a business it is absolutely necessary to be on as many social networking platforms as possible and I’m working towards this one step at a time. In a couple of his videos Brian Goulet mentioned that social media and quality, helpful content is one of the best ways to get yourself known and without doubt I believe it since his Youtube videos are excellent and the reason why I personally found out about them when I first got into this hobby.

I’ll try to upload at least one picture a week and be active in general, so if you like cool pics of pens, inks and other pen related stuff, please check out our account!

Follow us on Instagram! We are


Now I also promised to talk a little bit about the process of linking an Instagram account to a Facebook (business) Page. The process is technically super easy after you figure it out. It took me a couple of Google searches to finally find the correct answer though. So, for the sake of others, hopefully Google will throw up this page if others are having the same problem I had.

You can link a personal Facebook account to your Instagram one right in the app on your phone, but all this does is connect it to your personal Facebook even if you have switched to a business account on Instagram previously. You won’t be able to post pictures to any of the pages you manage!

The correct way to do it is to:

  1. Create an account on Instagram on your phone
  2. Go to your Facebook page on your PC
  3. Go to the Settings.
  4. In the list on the left select Instagram and add your account

This effectively connects your Facebook Business Page with the Instagram account (and it automatically converts the Instagram account to a business account as well).

Thanks for reading and good luck trying to link the accounts!

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