About Us

Hi! My name is Matt and I’m the owner of Pennonia. There really isn’t anything special to say about me since I’m just a regular guy who loves fountain pens, inks and handwriting. Originally I’m a teacher by profession but it was my dream for a long time to sell fountain pens and related goods.

European fountain pens

Pennonia sprung to life in 2018 out of my love for this hobby and I try to provide the best service as I can in the hopes of becoming a staple name in the fountain pen community one day. One of my goals is to be a friendly European little fountain pen shop. In Europe the fountain pen culture is great and there are a lot of companies that try to cover the needs of fountain pen users. My goal however is to not be a company, rather a person who helps and provides fountain pens, inks and information to my fellow fountain pen users.

We (technically I) are a small company based out of a little town in Romania called Carei. The products are only available online, we don’t have a physical store so even if you come to our official address to check us out I guess I can show you my two dogs and my grandparents.

If you have questions you can write to me at contact@pennonia.eu

Thanks for reading and checking out Pennonia!