Pennonia Tihanyi Lila (50 ml bottled ink, purple)

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Each Pennonia ink can be purchased with shimmer in a variety of colors. You can browse our offering here. The amount of shimmer powder added is between 1-2 g.



Pennonia Tihanyi Lila was inspired by the lavender fields found near the Hungarian town of Tihany, thus the name in English can be translated to Purple from Tihany or simply Tihany Purple. The ink leans towards the red spectrum of purple and has a darker, muted color in order to give back the wide range of purple shades found in lavender flowers . Since it’s not a vibrant color it doesn’t offer sheen however it does have good shading properties.

Regarding shimmer powders: If you decide to add shimmer powder to your ink order please note that these inks may clog your pen or make it hard to clean. Only use shimmering inks if you are willing to accept the downsides that come with it. We recommend using dip pens or fountain pens that are easy to disassemble and clean thoroughly.

Additional information

Weight 150 g


Ink Lines


Ink Bottle Material


Ink Bottle Volume

50 ml

Ink Color


Iron Gall


Permanent Ink


Pigmented Ink


Ink Shimmer Ink


Ink Shimmer Color

Blue, Bronze, Gold, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver, White, Yellow

Add shimmer:

-Without shimmer-, Apple Green, Azure Blue, Bronze, Dark Green, Dark Lilac, Gold, Graphite, Lemon Yellow, Magenta, Mariner Blue, Neon Orange, Ocean Blue, Olive Green, Orange, Pink, Satin White, Silver, Strawberry Red, Violet


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