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PARTNERS: Shigure Inks (US) and Hokushin Co., Ltd. (JP)

Today I’m happy to announce that Pennonia Handmade Fountain Pen Inks and Liquid Shimmer ink additives are available at two new partners. ๐ŸŽ‰

Shigure Inks from the USA is carrying our inks currently. If you are from the US definitely check them out as they are not only the sole retailer selling my inks but they also sell a huge variaty of other ink brands so you can be sure they can hook up any ink addict with a new fix.

Their website is:

Hokushin Co., Ltd. from Japan is our exclusive wholesaler of all things Pennonia in the Land of the Rising Sun. They have a stock of both inks and liquid shimmer additives and they can be found in numerous retail stores around Japan, including the world famous Nagasawa.

Their website is: and

Hungarians can also get Pennonia inks from our oldest and firstpartner, Mลฑvรฉszek Boltja from Budapest.

Their website is: