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Changes in 2024 for Pennonia

Dear Friends,

I would like to wish Everyone a Happy and Successful 2024!

Despite not making posts on the blog for quite a while now and having social media (or rather Instagram) on life-support, I was still working in the background on my passion-project when time permitted. Fortunately and unfortunately I switched jobs and moved away from teaching, which previously offered me a flexible schedule and a generous amount of vacation days. I’m now at a desk job, doing the required 8 hours a day which has severely limited the time and energy left for Pennonia (in combination with baby Pennonia joining us in 2023 September 🥳).

There is one major change that will affect the functioning of the website and affects customers directly. Online business to customer (B2C) sales will cease on the website because it really is not competitive (DHL Express shipping prices exceed the typical prices customers expect) and the sales do not justify the amount of work and headache (from an accounting and regulatory perspective) that goes behind the scenes to maintain a good customer experience.

Moving forward the website will serve as a showcase of Pennonia products and a webshop for B2B clients. Effective immediately all personal data are deleted from the servers and databases.

I encourage anyone who wishes to get Pennonia inks to check out our Where to buy? page where I’m sure they will find a partner they are comfortable ordering from.

Thank you!



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Pennonia Fountain Pen Inks – Calligraphy Samples

Are Pennonia inks good for calligraphy? Will they work well with a dip pen?

I often get these questions on various channels and while I personally don’t dabble in calligraphy I do have a great friend who does! Her name is Melinda and she has an Instagram channel which you should check out if you’re a fan of lovely handwriting!

I commissioned her to create calligraphy writing samples of all Pennonia Inks! Without further ado:

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Pennonia New Inks Launching 1st of August

Hello Everyone!

Pennonia has launched nine new colours on 1st of August!

I am really excited about this launch because it not only contains inks with new features but some standard colours that are fine-tuned and have added nuances to them which makes them a joy to use and appreciate on paper.

I launched the first set of Pennonia colours two and half years ago after many trial and error but I was still inexperienced at the time. Not that I know everything now, but I had a bit of time to experiment, learn and evolve and with that I realised that I could have created even better colours with more character to them. Some of the new old colours are the result of this while the completely new ones are the result of experimenting with great and interesting dyes.

Without further ado, the inks:

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How to pronounce the names of Pennonia fountain pen inks? 💬🤔❓

Hey everyone! 😀 I know that pronouncing the Hungarian 🇭🇺 names for the Pennonia products can be hard so here are recordings for each Pennonia ink. I hope it will be helpful!

Pennonia Inks

Handmade Fountain Pen Ink – Kézműves Töltőtolltinta

Dracula – Drăculea – PKK-001 (Romanian 🇷🇴)

Ghoul – Strigoi – PKK-002 (Romanian 🇷🇴)

Lilac – Orgona – PEN-001

Balaton Blue – Balaton-kék – PEN-002

Bubblegum – Rági – PEN-003

Danube – Danuvius – PEN-004

Lichen – Zuzmó – PEN-005

Abigail – Abigél – PEN-006

Blue of Blues – Kékek Kékje – PEN-007

Patina – Patina – PEN-008

Dandelion – Gyermekláncfű – PEN-009

Velvet Champagne – Selyempezsgő – PEN-010

Black Eagle – Fekete Sas – PEN-013

Apple Green – Almazöld – PEN-012

Nettle – Csillánt – PEN-013

Wasp – Dungó – PEN-014

Whoopie Blue – Hupikék – PEN-015

Embroidery Blue – Kékfestő – PEN-016

Purple Shadow – Lila Árnyék – PEN-017

Sour Cherry – Meggyes – PEN-018

Poison Green – Méregzöld – PEN-019

Devil Red – Ördögi Vörös – PEN-020

Fox Friend – Róka Koma – PEN-021

Purple of Tihany – Tihanyi Lila – PEN-022

Turkish Blue – Törökkék – PEN-023

Cotton Candy – Vattacukor – PEN-024

Storm Cloud – Viharfelhő – PEN-025

Blue Light – Kékfény – PEN-026

Young Wine – Mustvörös – PEN-027

Chestnut Brown – Gesztenyebarna – PEN-028

Copper – Rézvörös – PEN-029

Greenfinch – Zöldike – PEN-030

Hanover Green – Hannoveri Zöld – PEN-031

Csontváry’s Blue – Csontváry-kék – PEN-032

Twilight – Alkonyat – PEN-033

Dawn – Hajnal – PEN-034

Sunrise – Napkelte – PEN-035

Sunset – Napnyugta – PEN-036

Kalotaszeg Red – Kalotaszegi Vörös – PEN-037

Fairy Tale – Meseszép – PEN-039

Boreal Forest – Fenyves – PEN-040
Treehouse – Faházikó – PEN-041
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Introducing: Pennonia Ink-Lab 🧪🔬

The Ink-Lab will be a new section on the website which is going to feature colors from the Pennonia color mixing lab.

I am always constantly experimenting with new dyes, mixes, shades, effects etc. and the result of these experiments are sometimes too good to be disposed of. Instead of throwing out liters of perfectly good ink they will be offered in the ink lab for a limited time (i.e. basically until I need the space or the containers for something else) and/or until stocks last.

These are all small production runs, most of them have about 15-30 bottles available and only on rare occasions there will be more than that.

The quality of the inks themselves is the same as what you would get if I were to release them officially.

The inks will not have any names but instead will only be identified by their internal recipe code. The first colors are available now. Depending on popularity these inks might go into full production.

The Ink-Lab will be updated at the beginning of each month (if any new colors were created in the previous month).

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A New Chapter – From Pens to Inks

Hello Everyone!

I have some exciting and maybe bittersweet news to announce. Pennonia is going downsize and refocus.

Why are you doing it?

As you may know the original plan was to have a fountain pen web shop purely as an extension of my hobby with the hopes of one day becoming a community favorite place where I can provide great service, useful information and most importantly magnificent pens and inks to everyone.

A part of that plan and dream was to also offer something that nobody else can offer. Beautiful and interesting, 100% handmade inks by yours truly.

Things have developed in a way I wouldn’t have imagined back in 2018 when I launched the shop. I now know that I want to be an ink maker more than I want to be a fountain pen web shop owner. The web shop has continued to develop beautifully in these two years and it somewhat pains me to stop it but I know I need to focus on my inks instead.

The pen shop part of Pennonia has tied up in its stock a substantial amount of my resources which would be enough to purchase even the most fanciest of dyes and equip my laboratory with more efficient equipment.

The other issue I was facing is the lack of free time. Pennonia is still a one-man outfit (with some help from my mum 💖) and I need to be the manager, camera man, photo editor, graphics designer, social media guy, writer, web shop manager and ink maker all next to a full-time day job.

It was stretching me thin and I couldn’t dedicate the amount of time I wanted to for my inks.

I even pulled in a favor and have asked a friend to help out with some articles for the blog.

What will change?

At first the homepage. You can already see that it has changed. It’s going to be about the inks from now on. It’s going to have a section to find your local retailers and distributors who sell Pennonia inks.

For the time being I won’t completely cease the sale of pens, inks and paper products but most brands will be taken down and those that remain will be relegated into one menu point.

The things that will remain: Fountain Pen Section

  • Pelikan M600, M800 and M1000 series
  • Platinum 3776 Century series
  • Namiki

Everything else will be removed and effectively won’t be sold. All of the above mentioned pen series will only be available on backorder only. The reason why I will not completely stop sales is simple: I’m a fountain pen enthusiast, I love pens and these are my personal favorites. Every time I use one of my Pelikans or Platinums they bring me joy and I want to be able to offer these pens and experiences to others too.

The things that will remain: Bottled Ink Section

  • Edelstein (Pelikan)
  • Iroshizuku (Pilot)

The things that will remain: Paper Section

  • Endless Recorder Dot Grids
  • Maruman Croquis

When will it happen?

It has already started but it’s going to be a slower process. I will be fine-tuning the homepage during the upcoming weeks but over 350 products are already removed and I’ll get all the remaining ones eventually too. There also needs to be a lot of behind the scenes cleaning.


I guess there’s not much else to say. One chapter ends but a new one starts. I’m a bit sad that the pen shop part had to be reduced but on the other hand I’m excited to finally go full steam ahead and put everything into ink making.

It’s going to be exciting to see how things will develop from here on out. Wish me luck! 🤞

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PARTNERS: Shigure Inks (US) and Hokushin Co., Ltd. (JP)

Today I’m happy to announce that Pennonia Handmade Fountain Pen Inks and Liquid Shimmer ink additives are available at two new partners. 🎉

Shigure Inks from the USA is carrying our inks currently. If you are from the US definitely check them out as they are not only the sole retailer selling my inks but they also sell a huge variaty of other ink brands so you can be sure they can hook up any ink addict with a new fix.

Their website is:

Hokushin Co., Ltd. from Japan is our exclusive wholesaler of all things Pennonia in the Land of the Rising Sun. They have a stock of both inks and liquid shimmer additives and they can be found in numerous retail stores around Japan, including the world famous Nagasawa.

Their website is: and

Hungarians can also get Pennonia inks from our oldest and firstpartner, Művészek Boltja from Budapest.

Their website is:

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Brand New Six Pennonia Colors available NOW

Pennonia Csontváry-kék (Csontváry’s Blue)

Pennonia Csontvary-kek Ink Swatch
Pennonia Csontvary-kek Ink Swatch

Tivadar Kosztka Csontváry was famous Hungarian painter. He had an eccentric personality not understood by his contemporaries. His works were universally recognized only after his death.

Most of his works can be categorized under expressionism or post-impressionism but truly they were neither. I invite you to have a look at some of his magnificent paintings using the power of a Google search.

Csontváry used magnificent blues in his works and this ink is dedicated to him out of gratitude and respect for the awe and emotions his paintings have evoked when viewing them.

Pennonia Rézvörös (Copper)

Pennonia Rezvoros Ink Swatch
Pennonia Rezvoros Ink Swatch

Unlike the previous ink, unfortunately I think I will disappoint you as there isn’t really a backstory behind the name of this ink.

It was still hard to find a good name for it as it’s pinkish, reddish, orange ink and I have to admit, finding a good name for them is harder than actually making ink 😂

This ink is water-resistant!

Pennonia Zöldike (Greenfinch)

Pennonia Zoldike Ink Swatch
Pennonia Zoldike Ink Swatch

This name was inspired by the humble, beautiful Greenfinch which unfortunately is a threatened species in Hungary. I used to hear them sing a lot back in my childhood but unfortunately it was so long ago that I can’t remember when it was the last time!

For me personally, preserving nature and wildlife is an important issue and I try to do my own part so that my children and grandchildren will also be able to hear a Zöldike sing one day in our gardens.

Pennonia Mustvörös (Must, also known as Young Wine)

Pennonia Mustvoros ink swatch
Pennonia Mustvoros ink swatch

So technically this ink is a must-try for everyone! 😉 (sorry for the bad pun)

This ink actually got inspired from my childhood. For literally half of my current life I have lived with my grandparents and my granddad used to always make wine from the grapes he had all over the yard.

Well those wines were taken out of the ground last week after being there for over 30 years as we are completely redoing the yard. So on hand, I chose this color so I can remember the good old days (nostalgia is one hell of a drug, and you get addicted the more older you get) and also because must is really really really tasty! Even if you don’t try the ink, you must try must!

Pennonia Gesztenyebarna (Chestnut Brown)

Pennonia Gesztenyebarna Ink Swatch
Pennonia Gesztenyebarna Ink Swatch

Again…nostalgia, longing for the old days. Admitedly this brown could’ve have been called quite a lot of things. I chose chestnuts specifically for two reasons:

  1. When we were kids we used to collect chestnuts for fun when they were in season (like sacks of them) and we’d race who can throw them the furthest or make dolls out of them using match-sticks! Good fun!
  2. My sweet hometown of Nagykároly has a beautiful avenue with enormous chestnut trees which are really beautiful when they are bloom.

Pennonia Gödényzöld (Pelican Green)

Pennonia Godenyzold Ink Swatch
Pennonia Godenyzold Ink Swatch

Ooookay. I really wanted to name this ink using the synonym for “gödény” in Hungarian but I don’t know if I’m allowed. I’m a huge Pelikan fan/collector and this ink is THE ink that I will now use in my trusty green striped M1000 probably for the rest of my life! 😂

There’s really no backstory, I wanted an ink to match my M1000. 🤷‍♂️

Can I get away with calling it Pelikánzöld? Maybe, but Gödény is such a unique word and well, I am Hungarian and the language, customs etc. play a big role in choosing a name. So I’m going with Gödényzöld and as always, sorry to non-Hungarians, you must hate to pronounce all these weird words! 😅

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🔔 LAMY available at Pennonia

Great news! LAMY fountain pens and inks are available at Pennonia!!!

LAMY is one of the biggest makers of fountain pens in the world. Their iconic models from the Safari to the 2000 are known throughout the world for their high quality, excellent writing performance and magnificent attention to detail.

You check out the pens, inks and notebooks in the categories or by following the links. 😀

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2020 Spring Sale – March 30th to April 13th

I am launching a sale on select inks brands:

There is also a 10% off coupon available for Kaweco pens which you can use at the checkout: KAWECO10

Due to the ongoing pandemic I had to disable delivery with Romania Post as they have stopped delivering to many countries and it’s not the safest to visit the post office. All deliveries will be handled through DHL Airmail.

Diamine (Standard), Platinum, Rohrer & Klingner (Standard & SketchINK) and Standardgraph inks are available until stocks last, unfortunately I can’t take backorders for them at the moment.