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Changes in 2024 for Pennonia

Dear Friends,

I would like to wish Everyone a Happy and Successful 2024!

Despite not making posts on the blog for quite a while now and having social media (or rather Instagram) on life-support, I was still working in the background on my passion-project when time permitted. Fortunately and unfortunately I switched jobs and moved away from teaching, which previously offered me a flexible schedule and a generous amount of vacation days. I’m now at a desk job, doing the required 8 hours a day which has severely limited the time and energy left for Pennonia (in combination with baby Pennonia joining us in 2023 September ๐Ÿฅณ).

There is one major change that will affect the functioning of the website and affects customers directly. Online business to customer (B2C) sales will cease on the website because it really is not competitive (DHL Express shipping prices exceed the typical prices customers expect) and the sales do not justify the amount of work and headache (from an accounting and regulatory perspective) that goes behind the scenes to maintain a good customer experience.

Moving forward the website will serve as a showcase of Pennonia products and a webshop for B2B clients. Effective immediately all personal data are deleted from the servers and databases.

I encourage anyone who wishes to get Pennonia inks to check out our Where to buy? page where I’m sure they will find a partner they are comfortable ordering from.

Thank you!