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Introducing: Pennonia Ink-Lab ๐Ÿงช๐Ÿ”ฌ

The Ink-Lab will be a new section on the website which is going to feature colors from the Pennonia color mixing lab.

I am always constantly experimenting with new dyes, mixes, shades, effects etc. and the result of these experiments are sometimes too good to be disposed of. Instead of throwing out liters of perfectly good ink they will be offered in the ink lab for a limited time (i.e. basically until I need the space or the containers for something else) and/or until stocks last.

These are all small production runs, most of them have about 15-30 bottles available and only on rare occasions there will be more than that.

The quality of the inks themselves is the same as what you would get if I were to release them officially.

The inks will not have any names but instead will only be identified by their internal recipe code. The first colors are available now. Depending on popularity these inks might go into full production.

The Ink-Lab will be updated at the beginning of each month (if any new colors were created in the previous month).

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