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Refocusing Pennonia in 2019

Pennonia is a very young venture since it “only” began in June of 2018. It was quite an eventful six months both in my life and in the development of Pennonia. I gained valuable experience on how to manage and run an online business and I thought I would give you guys an update on how things will change in the coming year…and I also wanted to say I’m still alive even if the blog and Instagram posts have stopped for a while.

When I first thought of Pennonia I wanted it to have as much content as possible in order to rival the offerings of more well known online retailers. To an extent I think I actually did quite good here because Pennonia currently has over 700 products listed and I still haven’t gotten around to upload Diamine inks, Platinum pens and inks. So this could grow even bigger easily. What I have learned though is that a small online retailer simply can’t compete or match giants like Appelboom, Fonto Plumo or Casa della Stilographica when it comes to variety of products offered. Every manufacturer has a bajilion pens with different colors and nib sizes and having everything in stock gets insanely expensive. Maintaining and updating availability of all of these products is also a huge undertaking and distributors don’t usually have everything in stock or don’t communicate with the retailers on what products are taken out of circulation and which new products are being introduced. (although if it were my company I would definitely create an API which retailers could use to verify stock levels)

That is why I have decided to rethink my strategy and to refocus Pennonia. I have decided to reduce the number of brands and pens available for purchase so that orders won’t rely on the stock of the distributor as much and to introduce and promote my own brand. I believe this will not only reduce clutter on the site but also offer a better service to my customers as well. With the introduction of my own brand I hope to offer something different and maybe to try to do things differently or hopefully better than other offerings.

Stay tuned because in the following weeks all of these things will be available at Pennonia! ๐Ÿ˜‰

P.S. Here’s a sneak peek:

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