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In search of the best paper for fountain pen use

12. Hahnemuhle Hand Lettering – 170 g/m2

Just like with the Hahnemuhle Federzeichenblock, I had to try this out just because of its name.

I’m not going to write a lot about this because I personally don’t like the paper. It’s really white, has a slippery coating on it and is absorbent as hell. There is no sheen, shading isn’t really there, no feathering, a tiny amount of bleed-through and ghosting is interesting on it because you don’t really see the ink but rather the physical lines on the other side (if you slide you’re fingers on it, you’ll feel your writing and it’s visually noticeable, like if it’s embossed). Writing on it doesn’t feel bad, it’s okay.

One interesting thing I would like to note however is that for some reason this paper really brings out the colors of really dark inks. For example Ferris Wheel Press Tanzanite Sky might look almost black on some paper but on this one it’s a really nice looking dark purple! Same goes for Diamine Oxford Blue and November Rain.

VERDICT: Skip this one in my opinion. It doesn’t offer anything that special.

Hahnemuhle Hand Lettering 170 gsm Stats
Hahnemuhle Hand Lettering 170 gsm Writing Sample
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