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In search of the best paper for fountain pen use

11. Hahnemuhle Federzeichenblock – 250 g/m2

I chose this paper specifically because the name translates to “nib drawing pad” so I assumed this will be good paper for dip pens, ergo fountain pens too. tl;dr It lives up to its name!

The paper is really thick but at 250 g/m2 that shouldn’t be a surprise. It’s a bit on the creamier side of the spectrum but I wouldn’t call it ivory paper. The surface is really smooth and has a great feel to it, naturally writing on it is a joy. The paper I would say is absorbent and the upside to this is that inks flow out of the pen really well which will provide you with a nice juicy writing experience.

Feathering isn’t a problem and, at this weight, neither is ghosting or bleed-through. Due to it being absorbent don’t expect much sheen except from the really sheeny inks. Diamine November Rain had some and Oxford Blue actually had a shade of red as well but it didn’t shine. It’s as if it converts sheen into shade. Same with Colorverse Supernova, the red sheen wasn’t there, but a glint of red shading on the letters was noticeable.

The writing experience in general was quite pleasant although with it being 250 g/m2 I guess it’s more suited for drawing and sketches since for normal journaling, in my opinion, it’s not convenient. Maybe for writing letters.

VERDICT: Good paper for fountain pen use! It’s really nice to write on this paper, but the price is really high. I would still recommend trying it out once if you’re like me and are looking for the perfect paper.

Hahnemuhle Federzeichenblock 250 gsm Stats
Hahnemuhle Federzeichenblock 250 gsm Writing Sample
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