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In search of the best paper for fountain pen use

05. Colorverse Japanese Paper – 64 g/m2

Not much is known about this paper except that it’s from a Japanese paper mill and that it will be used by Colorverse in their upcoming notepads. Their goal was to offer an alternative to Tomoe River, so let’s see whether they have managed to do it or not.

For the most part they have succeeded in offering one! The paper itself is slightly scratchier when writing on it but it looks like Tomoe River, it has good shading properties, doesn’t have feathering or bleed-through, ghosting is not as visible and all three inks produced sheen on this paper. The catch is that Tomoe River still remains the sheen king and it is a smoother writer. The coating on the paper might not work well with all pen/ink combinations but other than that, I’ve no complaints.

VERDICT: Good paper for fountain pen use and if they’ll price it for less than Tomoe River it might be worth taking this into consideration. Another alternative would be Bank Paper, even though that one has a little bit of feathering, I found that the ink had a better flow on it compared to Colorverse Japanese Paper.

Colorverse Japanese Paper 64 gsm Stats
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