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In search of the best paper for fountain pen use

14. Hahnemuhle Manga Layout – 80 g/m2

Literally the same thing as the 75 g/m2 Hahnemuhle Layout paper. The two sides are coated differently, the front side provides a really good writing experience and offers the possibility of sheen as well. The backside is coated with absorption resistant coating so it will sheen like crazy. The downside is that the writing experience is not as good as the front, but honestly I could live with it. It might be just my imagination (definitely is) but I swear the coating is slightly different on this one, offering a minuscule improvement in writing experience in comparison to the Hahnemuhle Layout paper.

There’s no bleed-through or feathering and ghosting is present, but not that annoying.

VERDICT: Good paper for fountain pens but only one side offers a fine writing experience. The coated side depends on your tolerance but inks do sheen like crazy on this side. So at least you have that.

* One one side of the paper. The other side is coated, shows copious amounts of sheen but it’s not that good to write on.
Hahnemuhle Manga 80 gsm Writing Sample
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