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In search of the best paper for fountain pen use

09. Gmund Bauhaus Dessau

This paper comes in a bound notebook from Gmund. The version I have has dot grid ruling. The paper is really white and it’s relatively thick. Gmund doesn’t say on its website how heavy this paper is but I would guess it’s above 90 g/m2. It’s a solid paper but it’s missing any wow factor. It doesn’t make me want to keep buying it. There’s also ever so slightly feathering sometimes when you’re writing.

Shading is pretty good though! Sheen not so much. There is a little bit on Diamine November Rain, but I’m torn between giving this paper a 1 or 2 for sheen.

The writing experience is pretty good nonetheless.

VERDICT: Okay for fountain pens but I just don’t feel like writing on this paper. Also expensive!

Gmund Bauhaus Dessau Stats
Gmund Bauhaus Dessau gsm Writing Sample
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