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In search of the best paper for fountain pen use

13. Hahnemuhle Layout Block – 75 g/m2

This is actually a really good paper with a huge caveat. I was debating whether to give the paper a score of 5 for writing experience but the thing is the two sides of this paper are coated differently. The upside is really nice, but the underside is bad. The underside has a kind of hydrophobic coating and it’s possible to write on it, but it’s not that nice and it won’t be as pretty.

Apart from this one major thing, the paper is actually super nice. Obviously ghosting will be present but it’s manageable (also might be moot because you might not write on the other side). No bleed-through, no feathering and pretty good sheen on all 3 of the sheeny inks. The hydrophobic side might even offer Tomoe River level of sheen. It also has nice shading properties sooo yeeaah…too bad the back side of the paper offers a subpar writing experience.

VERDICT: Good for fountain pen use, definitely worth a try BUT only one side of the paper offers a good writing experience, effectively doubling its price / page.

Hahnemuhle Layout Block 75 gsm Stats
* backside of the paper is maybe 2, it’s interesting nonetheless
Hahnemuhle Layout 75 gsm Writing Sample
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