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In search of the best paper for fountain pen use

06. Fabriano Ecoqua – 85 g/m2

Fabriano sells this paper in a softcover notebook and has a small dot grid printed on it so it might be worth checking out if you’re into Bullet Journaling! I think that this paper is also a really good choice if you’re looking for a nice writing paper. If you use an ultra broad and wet nib you’ll get a tiny bit of bleed-through but otherwise it’s not existent, it’s on the borderline of still being ghosting. It doesn’t feather at all, ghosting is good, shading doesn’t really show that much and neither does sheen. Diamine November Rain had some spots where it has shone but otherwise don’t expect sheen.

On the other hand the colors are really beautiful and even on the page, writing on it also a joy and unless you were expecting copious amounts of sheen, I don’t think this paper would disappoint.

VERDICT: Good paper for fountain pen use. Recommended for Bullet Journaling as well and the smaller dot grid is actually refreshing after a Rhodia Dotpad.

Fabriano Ecoqua 85 gsm Stats
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