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In search of the best paper for fountain pen use

15. Maruman Croquis – 52.3 g/m2

The Maruman Croquis in my opinion has excellent paper but it doesn’t come in the standard A5 size. The notebook I have is 22×25 cm. It’s not as white as some of the other papers in this list but I wouldn’t call this cream at all.

Every pen and ink I have tested on it behaved really well, there’s good amount of shading and sheen (from all three sheeny inks. No feathering, there’s very little bleed-through if you really push the pen onto the paper. Ghosting at this weight shouldn’t come as a surprise and honestly I’m at the point where I’ll probably put up with ghosting as it seems all the papers I like writing on seem to have it.

VERDICT: Great paper for fountain pens, try it out if you have the chance.

Maruman Croquis 52.3 gsm Stats
Maruman Croquis 52.3 gsm Writing Sample
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