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In search of the best paper for fountain pen use

02. Bank Paper – 84.9 g/m2

I have this Bank Paper from a Life notepad. The paper is great to the touch and writing on it feels nice. The pen and the ink flows nicely on the paper, the surface of it has a bit of a texture so you’ll get some feedback from you’re writing. It produces sheen with all three of the known sheening inks (Diamine November Rain, Colorverse Supernova, Diamine Oxford). There was no bleed-through even when I pushed hard on the nib (and Pelikan M nibs seem to be broader than other European mediums). Ghosting is pretty acceptable but the paper is surprisingly transparent. There’s also a slightly visible feathering which I would call micro-feathering. You don’t notice it at first but if you have a closer look it’s there and because of it lines are not as crisp as they could be.

VERDICT: Good paper for fountain pen use. While writing on it feels good, I don’t like the micro-feathering, it’s not easy to come by in Europe and it’s not that cheap with 100 A5 sheets / 22.5โ‚ฌ.

Bank Paper 84.9 gsm Stats
Bank Paper 84.9 gsm Writing Sample
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