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In search of the best paper for fountain pen use

16. Maruman Report Pad – 60 g/m2

Well well, I was waiting to arrive to this paper. I like this paper more than I should and you will immediately see why.

The paper doesn’t really offer you much in terms of sheen. November Rain has it, but that’s a really sheeny ink. Oxford Blue and Colorverse Supernova also have a teeny tiny amount but you have to look closely at the paper under a microscope so if you’re looking for a paper that draws out sheen. Skip this.

It also has lovely ghosting and even better, most M and B nibs will bleed-through as well.

So you might be wondering, is the Maruman Report Pad actually good for fountain pens? The answer is complicated. On one hand the easy bleed-through might prevent you from using both sides of a sheet but it does display shading quite nicely but that’s not this paper’s saving grace. One is it’s price and but the main point it has that it is so good to write on it! I absolutely love taking notes using this pad, the paper is smooth, writing experience is smooth so all in all it’s a joy to use if you can look past it’s one flaw (the easy bleed-through). I even sent letters to pen pals using this and received positive response back when they tried it. In day to day use my Pelikan M805 Ocean Swirl with an M nib doesn’t have bleed-through on it and most of my pens are medium or fine however if you’re using broad or want to do calligraphy this isn’t the paper for you.

VERDICT: Good for most fountain pens with F or M nibs! Nice to write on but has easy bleed-through with wet nibs/inks. It’s cheap though so you might want to try it.

Maruman Report Pad 60 gsm Stats
Maruman Report Pad 60 gsm Writing Sample
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