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In search of the best paper for fountain pen use

19. Rhodia Dotpad – 80 g/m2

Ah the humble Rhodia Dotpad, gateway paper for so many fountain pen enthusiasts. Recommended by everyone as a good all around writing paper. I still remember the days when I got into the hobby and when I finally got one I was so excited (and bummed out because it cost so much in comparison to my previous notebook purchases).

It’s just like with pens though, at first 20 euros seems a lot for one, but you’ll get to the point where 300 euros is a good deal for a pen you’re looking to buy and have since moved one from the entry level pens. The Rhodia Dotpad is the same I think for many of us. Expensive at first, but after a while you won’t even bat an eyelid at the price of one and you’ll probably move on to different papers.

Inks have decent shading on this paper, sheen on the other hand isn’t as easy to come by. Ghosting and feathering is okay, there’s slight bleed-through if you push the nib hard enough.

Writing on it is okay too, not as smooth as some of the other papers mind you, but not bad.

VERDICT: Yes, use this if you write with fountain pens. The paper won’t revolutionize the fountain pen community but it’s a good, solid every day paper.

Rhodia Dotpad 80 gsm Stats
Rhodia Dotpad 80 gsm Writing Sample
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