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In search of the best paper for fountain pen use

07. Fabriano Schizzi – 90 g/m2

As the name suggests this paper is actually from a sketch pad so you can expect it to have a rougher surface than other papers destined for notebooks. The color of the paper leans towards cream this time but it’s not distracting. I found that it performs really well in all of the situations and I can recommend it wholeheartedly.

Thanks to the grain of the paper there is plenty feedback with writing and even though I would consider this paper a bit more absorbent than your usually fancy paper, all of the sheeny inks actually have sheen on this. What’s interesting is that the color of sheen, or rather the brightness is muted and the ink appears to be changing color. Think of it as a mix of sheen/shading, quite interesting.

VERDICT: Cheap, easy to get and performs well. I think this paper can be safely used with fountain pens. The only negative I can think of the cream color if you’re not into it. The artist who did most of 2018 Inktober drawings for Pennonia used Fabriano Schizzi!

Fabriano Schizzi 90 gsm Stats
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